Thursday, 29 June 2017

Waiting for an Agent to respond? How long is too long? When do you move on?

I read a post where an author waited 8 months to hear back from a literary agent. Whilst that made me feel a little sad, we have no choice but to be patient, suck it up and deal with the fact that most literary agent receive so many submissions it is going to take a long time for our chosen agent to get down through the pile to our submitted manuscript. I had a look back to see how long ago I submitted my manuscript to Corvisiero Literary Agency. My initial contact happened only about 10 weeks ago, which is not too long. Corvisiero Literary Agency offer international representation and cover a huge range of genres. They have the capability of matching an author with the publisher best suited to your work. Can’t wait to hear back from them. My enthusiasm has only grown as the weeks have crawled by, causing me to crumble and made second contact by email - which I am sure is a no-no! Too late, I hit the send button.

So how long is too long? Well… how badly do you want to get published? If you want it badly enough, you will be prepared to wait. To endure the long haul. Regardless of how long it takes. 

So for me, the answer to the question, ‘How long is too long?’ is… 

I’m not dead yet!!

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