Saturday, 12 August 2017

Scissone or Grand Jete? Research your subject!

The audience gave an ooooooooh of appreciation as the ballerina in the frilly net skirt and tippy toe shoes- Hold the phone! Hey... what?

If you intend to write about a particular subject in your novel, know what you are talking about or study it. If the book/chapter/paragraph involves, for example, ballet, research dance terminology and get it right. Google the info you need, and if you are not absolutely sure, talk to an expert.

Ballet slippers, ballet flats, toe shoes, pointe shoes? Did she leap, jete, grand jete, scissone? Maybe it does not matter for the purpose of the story, but sure as eggs anyone who has an interest in the subject will pick up on your errors. And then they will tell everyone else. And they will write a scathing review. 

Sometimes even your best attempts can go awry. Best idea is, if you are not entirely confident, don't write about it.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Ready... Set...

Can't wait any longer. I am going to take my manuscript and offer it to as many agents and publishers as possible. It's a great read and I refuse to leave it lying on the shelf whilst I wait for people to get back to me one at a time. 

What I find difficult to believe is that a lot of publishers don't even bother to reply when you follow their guidelines perfectly and send in your manuscript. You take the time to be perfectly polite, respectful and considerate...and they won't even give you the time of day. Rude. On the other hand there are a bunch of professionals who at least take the time to contact you with their decision. Even if their response is negative, they have my respect.

Regardless, I will not sit around here waiting. Praying for a little help as I get started. Firstly I will invest in a guide to publishers, then it begins...

Rewriting that chapter

What did I type in that last chapter? That was the question I asked myself when my laptop bit the dust last week. I managed to recover all of my latest novel barring the last chapter I wrote. That in itself it fine – it’s not too difficult to retype 4000ish words.

Then came the fun part – what did I actually write in that chapter, and can I successfully write it again?

Well, turns out I can.

Started typing the first few words of the missing chapter, and lo and behold, it all just poured out onto the screen. And if anything, I did a better job second time through.