Wednesday, 10 March 2021

AMAZON - Best Fantasy Series - 4 Books for only $3.00! Great series!

There are 32.8 million books available on Amazon. There are a lot of fantasy series with high ratings.

Check out this fast-paced, action-packed adventure series with characters you are sure to fall in love with in an adventure you'll wish you were taking.

Daoine Maithe Series by Dan O'Sullivan - DOWNLOAD the COMPLETE SERIES for US$3.00


Adventure, love - both shallow and deep, epic battles, betrayal, mystery, horror, dedication, loyalty, passionate service to others, committment, sacrifice, danger, determination.

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Book 1    The Fallen    4.5 stars

Book 2    The Guardians    4.8 stars

Book 3    Child of a Guardian and of the Free    4.4 stars

Book 4    The Free (just released)

AMAZON - 4 Books for $3.00. Great read!

Don't miss out! Available on Amazon. 

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