Thursday, 11 May 2017

One submission at a time or many? Should I wait?

My glasses were found! Yay! And not in the poopie-bin, just on the ground in doggie park, thank God! Peppah is the little dog in the photo. The other one is Bella, my sister's dog.

No word on my manuscript as yet from Justin Wells at Corvisiero Literary Agency. I know I will have to wait many weeks; I can only imagine how busy such a high profile company must be, but I am impatient. In my impatience, I am caught between wanting to hear from Corvisiero, and sending my manuscript to a gazillion other agents and publishers.

Should I wait for an answer from Justin Wells at Corvisiero Literary Agency, or should I start sending submissions to other agents? And publishers too? Just here in Australia? Maybe overseas too? I think I will wait to hear from Justin, then if I am unsuccessful, I will go crazy submitting the manuscript to as many agents and publishers as possible. 

In the meantime, I will continue with book four in the original series I self-published. I'm about half way through book 4 so that will keep me typing for a while yet.

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