Friday, 19 May 2017

The Cow Pat on the Putting Green

Right when I was on the magical high of self-publication with a swag of great reviews... Wham! That first bad review. Like a cow patty on the putting green. Splat! Ha Ha! Deal with that! 

My mind went into overdrive. How dare they! “It’s too violent!” Well duh. The Brady Bunch it aint. “Too much shallow romance.” Yeah! Mmmmmmm.😀 “Didn’t like all the battles.” Yeah? Well…. Oh. Ok. Let me read all that again. At this point my brain shoved my ego into the backseat. What did I do wrong to get this bad review? Why did most of my readers love it? What should I do differently when I write my next novel?  How can I improve? 

No matter what you do, someone will hate your book. I could say, get over it, but what I will say is, learn from it. It’s a better strategy. It will also stop you dwelling unnecessarily on a bad review. So see them as cow patties on the putting green, and imagine how incredible the green will look in another year after all that manure.

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