Tuesday, 9 May 2017

What next? Will I get eaten by a Bunyip?

I totally refuse to sink beneath the vindictive day maliciously stalking me. Computer issues, i-phone refusing to record dictation, kids late for school, dog went nuts in local doggie park and barked and growled furiously at some innocent man (the poor bloke wasn’t entirely impressed). Then just when I decided it might be safer to go home, I lost my glasses! 

Sincerely hope I didn’t accidentally deposit them in the poop-bin with Peppah’s poopie scoops. That would be… unfortunate.

These are only tiny blips in what could be a fantastic day, and I choose to make it fantastic. I will write a chapter or two, play soccer with the dog, and eat croissants with strawberry jam. If the council phone and tell me my glasses are in the poop-bin, I am not sure if I will laugh or cry.

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