Thursday, 21 January 2021

5 star reviews Fantasy Series on - why don't they show on the Its a great series!

Why oh why Amazon do you torment me?

5 star reviews on but they don't show up on! 

All that work! All that advertising! All that money! 

Is it worth it if Amazon won't show all reviews from all countries on all sites?

Will I publish my next series on Amazon?

Probably not.

But the current series remains there, and if you are buying e-books it has great reviews.

LOOK! The entire 4 books as one purchase for only $3.00 US.

Book 1 - The Fallen - 4.5 stars

Book 2 - The Guardians - 4.8 stars

Book 3 - Child of a Guardian and of the Free - 4.4 stars

Book 4 - The Free - 5 stars in Australia - yet to be rated in the US.

Here is the link:

or go to Amazon and search for Dan O'Sullivan Daoine Maithe Series.

If you like the series, please leave a review. 

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