Saturday, 2 January 2021

Middle Grade Fantasy - The Ruby Key Series. Book 1 - The Shadow Village, Coming Soon!

I have definitely found a passion for middle grade fiction, particularly fantasy.

This first month of January I am putting the finishing touches on my new series for middle grade kids. It is called The Ruby Key. Here is the blog for Book 1, the Shadow Village.

"Elora’s world is turned upside down when she finds a beautiful and powerful diary which carries her into the world of Roub-Talum where a sinister foreigner has taken control of the throne that she discovers should be her own. With the help of her friend Bowman, and an army of warriors known as Black Shadows, she sets out on a quest to expel the foreigner from her land and retake her castle, but is dangerously threatened by the foreigner’s army of Tocbioras, shape changing beings able to transform their human bodies into the shape of birds, or when threatened form into spine-chilling beings of dark mist, able to manipulate and destroy the minds of their victims. As danger closes in, Elora finds that her diary is more than a door into another world, but a remarkable tool in the hands of those of the royal blood."

I have used middle grade kids as test subjects and they love it! 

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